Charles Fahrer

Exceptional Alsace wines, lovingly cultivated on our domain

In the vineyards

Our approach is resolutely focused on the respect of natural balance and biodiversity: we practice the principles of organic farming.


We sow seeds in the grassed rows, which in spring will host plants and flowers to bring life to the soil.

Since 2020, we’ve been using Guyot Poussard pruning to improve the flow of plant sap.


We intervene on the plant with rigorous disbudding, manual and mechanical trellising on 2 towers. To facilitate mechanical work in our plots, one row in two is planted with grass and the other is worked. We work the soil by decompacting and hoeing the surface. Weeding is also carried out mechanically.

A few weeks before the harvest, we carry out leaf thinning and green harvesting to accelerate grape ripening.

Harvest and Winemaking :

The grapes are picked by hand. The harvest is spread out over several weeks to obtain good maturity.

The whole bunches of grapes are delicately pressed in a pneumatic press to preserve the maximum aromas and complexity of each grape variety and terroir. The juice is fermented at a low temperature. Old wooden barrels and stainless steel vats follow one another: tradition and modernity with efficiency.

The wines are aged on the lees for four months in oakwood barrels. A filtration of clarification in spring followed by a sterile filtration before bottling and then aged in our cellar until the wine is on sale.