Charles Fahrer Domain

Family winery in Alsace: a winegrowing tradition handed on with a passion

The Team

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Our Genealogy

For more than 8 generations, the FAHRER family has devoted its life to the winegrowing and culinary sectors.

↬ 1703 Jean Georges FAHRER :
↬ 1737 Jean Georges FAHRER
↬ 1767 Clément FAHRER
↬ 1796 Georges FAHRER
↬ 1830 Joseph FAHRER
↬ 1863 Hippolyte FAHRER
↬ 1901 Adolphe FAHRER
↬ 1934 Charles FAHRER

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Our History

Charles (7th generation) and Christiane launch the Charles Fahrer brand and bottle their first vintage.


Thanks to André Fahrer, manager of the Frantz family hotel in Uffholtz, Charles starts selling his wines in restaurants.


Construction of the winery with the help of his brother Francis Fahrer.


Extension of the winery with a storage hall.


Thanks to his long-time friend Francis Morillon, a French brasserie manager, Charles develops his sales with the Tavernes de Maître Kanter.


Thierry FAHRER, the 8th generation, joins the estate and makes his first wine: the Pinot Gris Sélection de Grains Nobles.


Nathalie Fahrer, Thierry's wife, joins the estate. Together, they develop sales to wine fairs, individuals, brasseries, and professional customers, breathing new life into the estate.


Birth of Julien Fahrer, who is now a cook and continues the tradition of the culinary professions.


Birth of Axel Fahrer, the 9th generation and future owner of the estate.


Creation of the Cuvée Jeanne to honor the woman who was the pillar of the family.


Opening of the new sales cellar, reception room, and B&B.



Nathalie creates her own cuvée with “Les 7 Pages”, a blend of 7 wines from old vines.


Launch of the firsts Crémant Brut and Rosé.


Development of the estate's export business with the first exhibition in Denmark.


Launch of the high-end Crémant Héritage 1703 to symbolize the Fahrer lineage.


Development of European exports to the Czech Republic, Austria and Belgium.


Conversion to organic farming.


Axel joins the domain after completing a Master 2 in Wine.


Development of exports to Asian markets with South Korea, Taiwan and China.