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He is a man of the field and close to his roots. He is responsible for the vineyards, the vinification and shapes his wines with passion and attention to detail in harmony with nature and the environment.
“It was at the age of 8 when I took the land of my ancestors in my hands that I understood that this was my destiny.”


A woman of character, dynamic. She is responsible for the sales of the wines, the management of the estate and the gîte.  What she likes is sharing, conviviality and exchanges. She is at the origin of the creation of the Cuvée Les 7 Pages

« It is the result of several terroirs but also the expression of my sensitivity. »


He is the 9th generation of the FAHRER lineage. Currently a Master’s student at BSB Dijon, he intends to take up the family business. He is responsible for international business development and new projects.

« Je veux concentrer mon énergie dans mes deux grandes passions que sont le vin et la gastronomie, j’ai l’intention d’exporter notre culture alsacienne dans le monde entier. »

Family Fahrer

For several generations, the Fahrer family has devoted their lives to winegrowing. Charles and Christiane Fahrer have taken over the vineyard in 1965, thus carrying on the long family vineyard tradition.

After a hard working life, they passed on the torch to their child Thierry and his wife Nathalie.

Who would have thought after his first wish to become a pastry chef, that he would be, a few years later, the successor of his father: Charles the winegrower. Never forgetting his first steps in the vineyard of his parents, Thierry moved on towards what looked like his first vocation. He built everything with pleasure and hard work. Humble and daring, he pushed his ideas to the end often with his instinct. Along the years, he built up a strong experience and a winegrower’s fibre. He had always dreamt of living one day in the world of wine passion. Without arrogance but like an evidence. To find again this magic around the vineyard which impressed him when he was 8 years old and he took in his hands the earth of his ancestors. The wine became his adventure.

Harvest and Winemaking

The grapes are picked by hand. The harvest is spread out over several weeksto obtain a good maturity.

The whole bunches of grapes are delicately pressed in a pneumatic press to preserve the maximum aromas and complexity of each grape variety and terroir. The juice is fermented at low temperature. Old wooden barrels and stainless steel vats follow one another: tradition and modernity with efficiency.

The wines are aged on the lees for four months in oakwood barrels. A filtration of clarification in spring followed by a sterile filtration before bottling and then aged in our cellar until the wine is on sale.

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